Melanie Brummer

How To Start A Business On A Shoestring Budget

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Would you like Melanie to come and speak at your event?

“I am just doing my minutes from the last committee meeting. My committee members who had been hosting at the Absa Cap event had the following to say about your presentation:

“Melanie was brilliant – passion, excellent speaker, inspiring, normal person making a business from nothing”.

Thought you should hear it too.”Alison Gitelson, Can Bee Done in association with Women In Finance

Taking bookings for 2017. Contact us today to book your date. Melanie's calendar is very full so please book dates at least six months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Answering Your Specific Questions

Recently we have experienced a deluge of e-mails and messages on WhatsApp from people wanting Melanie to answer their specific business questions. Some are Big Important Questions, relating to their specific business strategy, others are simple questions that have already been answered in an eBook.

She is unable to answer every question in person AND run a sustainable business. It would be inauthentic of her to teach her students how important it is to value their time and charge for it, while giving away hers for nothing.

"Do as I say, not as I do!" is not a very good place for a teacher to teach from.

We have set up systems to support ALL of your questions. If it is something simple, Bonnie will point you in the right direction of the eBook that you need to answer your specific question.

If it is an important strategic business question, Melanie does Mentorship sessions over Skype at a rate of $165/hour, payable in full in advance to book the time. We find that it helps students to hone into what is REALLY important if they only have an hour to pick her brains and if that hour comes at a premium price.

Would you like to book a Skype Mentor Session with Melanie to talk about YOUR specific business challenge? Melanie does Mentorship at a rate of $164/hour, pre-paid up front to secure her time.